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The PacSun Application

PacSun began as a small surf shop in Newport Beach, California. Today they run over 800 stores throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. If you’d like to become an employee of the store, download and print the form below.

Tips on a successful Pacsun Application:

When applying, one of the most important things is your availability on weekends. These tend to be the busiest times for shopping. Showing a flexible or open schedule can definitely help you get hired. Its also important to highlight any specific knowledge you have about the brands and products the company sells. By showing your relevant knowledge in their company, you’ll impress them and created an image as an ideal potential employee.

What you can expect on a Pacsun Application:

Depending on the position you apply for, you will be asked a series of different questions. Sales and hourly positions usually only require you to fill out your personal information, work availability, work history, and educational background. If you’re applying for one of their corporate careers, you will be asked more in depth questions regarding your qualifications. 

Download and print the application by clicking here or on the image above.


Why You Should Apply

Pacsun is a fun company that offers a unique combination of quality management and an enjoyable work environment. Its one of those companies that makes work not feel like work. In addition to this you’ll also receive a generous employee discount. This is obviously a huge benefit if you wear skate and surf company clothing. Other benefits such as health, vision, dental, 401k are also offered.


Pacsun jobs range from in-store retail associate positions all the way up to corporate management positions.  Regardless of the position of the position you apply for, every employee has the opportunity to climb the ladder with this company.

  • Assistant Store Manager: As an assistant store manager, you will be the middle man to the store manager and hourly workers. The great thing about this position is that it trains you to become the leader you have always dreamed of becoming.
  • Store Manager: This job entails being responsible for the amount of sales your store produces and managing a team of employees. To be considered you will need a bachelors of science/arts, or previous experience as a retail manager.
  • District Manager: In order to become a district manager for PacSun, you a a four year degree and have five years of customer service in a managerial role. District managers required to oversee the execution of sales, marketing, performance,etc.

Most corporate career opportunities are offered exclusively at their corporate headquarters in Anaheim, California. A few examples of these positions include: allocation planner, assistant designer, computer operator, buyer, director, and merchandise planner. Additional corporate opportunities are offered at their buildings in Dallas Texas, Miami Florida, Middletown New York, and Olathe Kansas.

  • Merchandise Planner: As a merchandise planner, you’d be responsible for planning and managing what inventory makes it to stores. Before applying, you should already have a four year degree in a related field and a solid grasp on financial measurements such as sales, gross margins, profits, and more.


  • Recruiter: In order to become a recruiter for PacSun, it is required you have a degree in HR, Business, Finance or a related field. You also must have a minimum of two years experience in recruiting. As a recruiter, you will be in charge of recruiting and hiring employees for both individual stores and corporate.

How to submit the PacSun application:

To apply, simply print the application form, fill it out, and turn it in to your local store location. You can find the closest location near you by visiting Pacsun.com. Keep it mind its recommended you turn the application in to a manager or supervisor. This gives you the opportunity to meet with store management and make a good impression.


What To Expect After Turning In The Application

After turning in the application the best thing to do is prepare for the interview.

Here are some of the common questions you will be asked if you come in for an interview:

Question #1

  • Name two brands that PacSun carries?

Management asks this question in order to get a feel on how familiar you are with the store and the styles that sell.

Question #2

  • What do you consider to be you’re greatest accomplishment?

For this question, you should come up with a personal story that describes who you are as a person.

Question #3

  • What is your greatest weakness?

This can be a tricky question. The best answer to give is that you’re a perfectionist. Technically this is a weakness but in an employers eyes it is a good weakness for an employee to have.