PacSun Jobs

There are a wide variety of PacSun jobs to choose from. Younger and less experienced applicants should apply for entry level positions such as sales associate, general store associate, stockroom, etc. Those with more experience can apply for higher level positions such as supervisor and manager. Top level positions include positions at their corporate headquarters. These positions however more than likely will require a College degree/and or previous experience.

Sales Associate

As mentioned above, if you’re an entry level applicant or don’t have experience in the retail field you’re best chance of getting hired is by apply as a sales associated. Sales associates perform a variety of tasks. Typically they will alternate between being cashier, cleaning, stocking items, greeting customers, etc. These are typically the people you see most often on the floor. What makes this position ideal for younger applicants is that no experience or college education is needed. What is important though is that you have a friendly and energetic personality. Since as a sales associate you will almost always be working the store floor, you are basically representing the face of the company. And PacSun obviously wants friendly people representing them. To download and print an application to become a sales associate visit our “PacSun Application” post.

Loss Prevention

When applying to a company such as Pacsun loss prevention is often a position overlooked by applicants. Understandably so, as these are “behind the scenes” workers you likely will never see on the store room floor. As a loss prevention officer you are responsible for monitoring cameras and making sure no one steals product. Generally this position will require you to become an official security officer, which will require you get the training to obtain a “guard card”.

Assistant Manager

Assistant manager is a position higher up the ladder. This is a position many entry level sales associates climb the ladder to. The amount of experience you need as a sales associate before graduating to an assistant manager will vary, but typically it will require a few years of experience.

Store Manager

This is a respected position that will require a lot of experience and sometimes a college degree. Store managers are responsible for the day to day running of the store. They supervise and manage every position below them.

Corporate Positions

If you have a college degree and/or experience in the required field, consider applying for a corporate PacSun career. Corporate careers with the company include things such as Associate Production Manager, Business Systems Analyst, Central Planning Manager, and many more.