About the Company: Pac sun began as a small surf shop in Newport Beach in 1980. Today their head quarter is located in Anaheim, Ca and their distribution center is in Olathe, Kansas and there are over 800 stores located throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. Pac sun is more than just a popular clothing store; it represents a cool and casual California life style. In addition to clothing, the store also offers bikinis, accessories, sneakers, fragrances, and watches. Pac Sun is so popular amongst teenagers because they offer a culture that thrives off of bright colors, casual clothing, and cool styles. Some of the brands you can find at Pac sun include Nike, Roxy, DC, Fox, Insight, Young & Reckless, and many more.

Tips on a successful Pacsun Application:

If you are applying to work in a store, one of the most important things an employer will look for is availability on the weekends. These tend to be the busiest times for shopping, yet employees will often want to get these few days off. Showing a flexible or open schedule can definitely help you get hired. You’d also want to high light any specific knowledge you know about the brands or what items Pac Sun tends to sell. By showing your knowledge about the clothing or brands, you will show that you have the necessary information to answer customer’s questions.

What you can expect on a Pac sun Application:

Depending on the position you are applying for on your Pac sun application, you will be asked various different things. Sales and hourly positions usually only require you to fill out your personal information, work availability, work history, and educational back ground. On the contrary, corporate careers will ask you in depth questions about your qualifications to work at Pac sun and how you can contribute to the overall culture of the company. In general, the corporate career applications are much lengthier than the in-store positions.

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Why you’d want to submit a Pac sun Application:

You want to submit your Pac sun Application because they pride themselves being a socially responsible company that ensures fair trade and production with their employees throughout the world. For example, they created their own Vendor Code of Conduct which is in line with international standards for the treatment of employees. Pac sun also hires a wide range of individuals, highlighting the importance of diversity in their workforce.

Different positions to apply for on a Pac sun Application:

Positions available range from in-store retail associates that interact directly with customers, to corporate managers who are responsible for the logistics and vision of the company. Regardless of the position you decide to apply for on your Pac sun application, every employee has the ability to enhance their career and make more money.

-Assistant Store Manager: As an assistant store manager, you will be the middle man to the store manager and hourly workers. The great thing about this position is that it trains you to become the leader you have always dreamed of yourself becoming.

-Store Manager: This job entails being responsible for the amount of sales your store produces and managing a team of employees. Most of these candidates will hold a bachelors of science/arts, or previous experience as a retail manager.

-District Manager: In order to become a district manager for Pac Sun, you will have already had to complete a four year degree and have five years of customer service in a managerial role. District managers are expected to be able to oversee the execution of sales, marketing, performance, and more.

Most of the corporate career opportunities are offered exclusively at their corporate headquarters in Anaheim, California. Some of the positions available include an allocation planner, assistant designer, computer operator, buyer, director, merchandise planner, and many more. Additional corporate opportunities are offered at their buildings in Dallas Texas, Miami Florida, Middletown New York, and Olathe Kansas.

-merchandise planner: As a merchandise planner, you will be responsible for planning what inventory will make it into the stores. Before putting in your merchandise planner Pac Sun application, you should already have a four year degree in a related field and a solid grasp on financial measurements such as sales, gross margins, profits, and more.

-recruiter: In order to apply to become a recruiter for Pac Sun, you will already have to have a degree in HR, Business, Finance or other related field and have a minimum of two years experience in recruiting. As a recruiter, you will be in charge of recruiting and hiring Pac Sun employees for both individual stores and corporate.

How to submit your Pac Sun application:

Because Pac Sun probably gets hundreds of applicants for in store sale positions, it is best to hand your application in to the manager/hiring staff. After a week or so, you can also call the store in order to remind them about your application. Showing consistency and a true interest for the job can increase your chances of getting hired.

What you can expect after submitting your Pac Sun application:

Here are some of the common questions you will be asked if you come in for an interview:

  • Name two brands that Pac Sun carries?

Employers will ask this question in order to get a feel on how familiar you are with the store and the styles that they sell.

  • What do you consider to be you’re greatest accomplishment?

For this question, you should come up with a personal story that describes who you are as a person.

  • What role does music play in your life?
  • Tell me how you would handle a theft in the store?


Overall: Pac Sun offers a wide variety of positions that range from entry-level cashier positions to corporate careers concerning merchandise and planning. Regardless of the Pac sun application you turn in, you should note that most of their employees are happy. They are offered competitive wages, benefits, and the opportunity to grow their careers.

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